Brevis House is an old age home for the blind and disabled. Special care needed to be taken during this restoration project, as not to disrupt the daily routine. A task Boland Painters, Builders & Electicians valiantly took on everyday for the duration of the exterior paint process. The biggest hurdle we had to cross, was when we started with surface preperation of the courtyard, the designated smoking area! Suddenly everyone was up in arms because there was nowhere for them to have a smoke. This situation was quickly resolved by Boland Painters, Builders & Electicians' site manager who liaised with management to create a make-shift smoking area.

Just another way that Painters, Builders & Electicians will go above and beyond duty to ease the often stressful experience of a restoration project.


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Boland Painters has been in the business of painting residential homes and commercial properties since 2006. As such we know how easily small detail if overlooked can amount to quite a substantial sum at the end of your project. For this very reason we will put aside the time needed to comprehend your needs and the requirements of your project. Providing you with a detailed quotation, leaving no surprises when you receive our final invoice.

This quotation will also serve as a blue print for the team assigned to your painting, building or electrical project ensuring your project is completed to specification. If you would like a quotation or make use of our color consultation service, one of our experienced site managers will personally visit your property. If during your project any problem arises, we are here to listen and find a solution. Professional Painters, Builders and Electrical Contractors, Boland Painters is your restoration expert.

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    Aug '15

    First tile then paint

    Q. We have been dreaming of re-doing our kitchen for years now. After much debate we decided to take the plunge and go for it. Now we are wondering what we should do first, paint the walls or tile the floor?

    A. Well this question caused quite some debate in the Boland Painters, Builders and Electrical Contractor's office, but in the end we all agreed that tiling first is the best option. Allow the tile cement and grout to dry completely then cover the floor with heavy duty plastic taping the edges to the tiles with masking tape. And then start painting the walls. After all it is easier to cover a floor that it is to cover all the walls.

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testimonial author Johan Nieuwenhuizen

Thank you very much for your professional and tidy work, I am extremely satisfied.

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