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In years gone by, painting your stoep was the way to go. Then tiling was all the rave, and recently more and more younger people are returning to painting their cement floors.

painting cementI recently moved into a very old house, in fact it is one of the first homesteads build in our town. My dilemma is that the front porch was painted red, many moons ago. This simply does not work for me, I want a dirty white to match the lime washed walls. Personally I prefer the imperfections of a concrete floor and think that tiles will be to clinical and modern for this stately old home.

Surely I am not the only one that considers this, so I thought I would share some ideas and tips on painting concrete floors. A painted cement floor requires little maintenance if kept clean and free from pooling water. Occasionally they do have to be repainted. Unlike floors that are made of wood or tiled, cement floors don't require a lot of preparation for painting. I spoke to friends of mine at i2 Architects last night and got some really helpful advice.

First and foremost, even before you start to clean the cement floor is to ensure that it is dry and free of any moisture. A quick and easy way to do this is by taping a black refuse bag onto the floor. Place the black bag on the floor and tape the edges close with duct tape, making sure that you have a good seal. Leave it for twenty four hours, remove the bag and if their is any trace of moisture on the bag or floor do not continue - your paint will peel! If however there is no moisture to be detected clean the floor with a mixture of warm water and caustic soda. Scrub the surface with a long-handled brush. Now remember this mixture will burn your skin so please wear thick rubber gloves, old clothes and eye protection.

white painted floorAfter the floor has dried, scrape any areas with loose or flaking paint, and lightly sand using fine (120 grit)painted white cement floor sandpaper. Lightly sand intact areas of paint and clean the surface with a damp mop. You now need to go over the cleaned cement floor with a floor-buffer to scuff away any loosened paint. The next step is not necessary when repainting a cement floor but must be followed when painting a previously unpainted floor. Use a mild acid to etch the cement floor. Normal pool acid should do the trick. Allow the cleaned surface to dry and clean with a broom. A moist surface isn't ideal for further cleaning or painting.

Boland Painters and Restorers found that the best paint to use on floors is a two part epoxy paint. This is actually two parts that is mixed together to activate the hardening process. When painting with epoxy concrete floor paint always keep the area well vented and wear appropriate safety equipment. Remember to only mix enough to use immediately. Using a big paintbrush, start by painting the edges of the concrete surface. Use a paint-roller for painting the area away from the edges. Allow the first coat of paint to dry for about 10 hours. Apply the second coat after the interval. Allow the paint to dry for about 5 days. On the sixth day, inspect the colour of the paint. If the desired shade is missing, apply another coating.

Boland Painters recommends applying at least four coats. This may sound like a over kill, but remember this is a surface that gets walked on! I know this sounds like a lot of work, and maybe you are not a keen DIY enthusiast. If this is the case you can always give Boland Painters a ring.

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Boland Painters has been in the business of painting residential homes and commercial properties since 2006. As such we know how easily small detail if overlooked can amount to quite a substantial sum at the end of your project. For this very reason we will put aside the time needed to comprehend your needs and the requirements of your project. Providing you with a detailed quotation, leaving no surprises when you receive our final invoice.

This quotation will also serve as a blue print for the team assigned to your painting, building or electrical project ensuring your project is completed to specification. If you would like a quotation or make use of our color consultation service, one of our experienced site managers will personally visit your property. If during your project any problem arises, we are here to listen and find a solution. Professional Painters, Builders and Electrical Contractors, Boland Painters is your restoration expert.

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    Aug '15

    First tile then paint

    Q. We have been dreaming of re-doing our kitchen for years now. After much debate we decided to take the plunge and go for it. Now we are wondering what we should do first, paint the walls or tile the floor?

    A. Well this question caused quite some debate in the Boland Painters, Builders and Electrical Contractor's office, but in the end we all agreed that tiling first is the best option. Allow the tile cement and grout to dry completely then cover the floor with heavy duty plastic taping the edges to the tiles with masking tape. And then start painting the walls. After all it is easier to cover a floor that it is to cover all the walls.

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