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Boland Painters and Restores realise that some of our clients are more hands on than others. Maybe you want us to do the heavy work of renovating a room or even your entire home, but would like to do the finishing touches like painting the interior. For that very reason we started this section where we will post handy hints and even some of Boland Painters trade secrets. Why? Because we want to assist all our clients to obtain the most professional paint finish whether it's interior or exterior.

Lets begin with a few do's and don'ts. After you decided on your wall colour do buy a sample liter or 500ml first. Paint this onto a 300 x 300mm piece of white hardboard and place it in different areas of the room during different times of the day. This will help you see how the colour is affected by the changing light in the room. If you are still happy with your colour choice, calculate how much paint you will need for two coats, rush out to the hardware store and buy your paint! We prefer to buy all the paint needed at the same time as there may be slight differences in batch numbers.

One of the most important things to do is to take the time to prepare the room you plan to paint. Place all your pictures, artwork and collectables in a box and store it out of your way. Arrange all the furniture in the centre of the room, use a damp cloth to clean any lose dirt and dust of the walls and tape off cornices. Cover the floor with a heavy duty canvas cloth, we find them more manageable and less slippery than plastic sheets.

Remove all the cover plates from light switches and plugs and seal it in a plastic bag - then you know everything including all the screws are in one place. Take down your curtains and place them in a black refuse bag.

Before you start painting prepare a, what we at Boland Painters call it, "paint bar" in the room. This is were everything you are going to need will be kept, masking tape, brushes, rollers, paint trays, stir sticks, rags, water, ladder etc.

Painting is a dirty job so please remember to wear old clothes and slip-on shoes that you can easily take of and slip back on when leaving the room you are painting - ever painted, went to make coffee just to discover little cat paw like marks on the floor all the way to the kitchen on your way back! Believe me you will thank us for this tip. If you are changing the room colour from one extreme to another it is always a good idea to use a primer first. Another Boland Painters tip is to tint your primer towards the colour of your top coat.

The last "do" before we get to the "don'ts", do pour some paint into a small container marked with the paint colour and manufacturer for touch ups later.

Whatever you do, don't rush. We know that professional painters like Boland Painters use techniques that produce excellent results while making painting look fast and easy. But you will achieve the best results if you practice some patience. Put a whole day aside for your painting project, this way you can finish the project without getting frustrated.

Do not pour paint from the tin until after you punch four or five holes in the rim of the tin using a hammer and a nail. This will allow the paint that gathers in the rim to drip back into the tin. Another no no is to paint out of order, first paint the ceiling then the walls and last the cornice. And remember not to paint in an enclosed room, open doors and windows to allow free air flow.

It may be tempting to rearange the room as soon as you think the paint has dried to see what it will look like. Don't give in to this temptation wait at least 24 hours before bringing back the furniture and curtains. And another 30 days for the paint to fully cure before you wipe down the walls or wash them.

Peace of Mind

Boland Painters has been in the business of painting residential homes and commercial properties since 2006. As such we know how easily small detail if overlooked can amount to quite a substantial sum at the end of your project. For this very reason we will put aside the time needed to comprehend your needs and the requirements of your project. Providing you with a detailed quotation, leaving no surprises when you receive our final invoice.

This quotation will also serve as a blue print for the team assigned to your painting, building or electrical project ensuring your project is completed to specification. If you would like a quotation or make use of our color consultation service, one of our experienced site managers will personally visit your property. If during your project any problem arises, we are here to listen and find a solution. Professional Painters, Builders and Electrical Contractors, Boland Painters is your restoration expert.

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Advice and Handy Tips

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    Aug '15

    First tile then paint

    Q. We have been dreaming of re-doing our kitchen for years now. After much debate we decided to take the plunge and go for it. Now we are wondering what we should do first, paint the walls or tile the floor?

    A. Well this question caused quite some debate in the Boland Painters, Builders and Electrical Contractor's office, but in the end we all agreed that tiling first is the best option. Allow the tile cement and grout to dry completely then cover the floor with heavy duty plastic taping the edges to the tiles with masking tape. And then start painting the walls. After all it is easier to cover a floor that it is to cover all the walls.

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